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Chillers and boilers are critical pieces of equipment. When one
is knocked out of commission, the consequences can be dire.
To alleviate the problem, we stock and maintain units up to
200 tons.
If you ever have an issue, our qualified personnel will
be there as quickly as possible to solve it. Should your chiller or
boiler require replacing, we can swap it out in as few as 24 hours. If we do not have a replacement unit in stock, we will put in a temporary unit until the correct piece of equipment is delivered and installed.
With AIRHANDLERS, you can rest assured that your facility is in able hands. We can help you select the right equipment for your needs, then design, install, start up and maintain them for peak performance. We can assist you with hot water and steam boilers, and absorption, air-cooled, centrifugal, and water-cooled chillers, along with other types of cooling towers.

We can replace chillers and boilers within 24 hours from our in-stock inventory or install a
temporary unit while the equipment to your specifications is being shipped!